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Jul 07, 2016 · Hi everyone, I have always cleared my battle pets by using the following macro: /run for i = 1, 3 do C_PetJournal.SetPetLoadOutInfo(i, "0x0000000000000000") end This has always worked but now after patch 6.0.2 it no longer works. The addon PetBattleTeams could do it too. Nothing I have tried seems to work now. If anyone knows and can share a script or method to clear battle pet slots, I … Clearing battle pet slots - WoW Help - Wowhead Forums Right now I have all 3 battle pet slots opened with 3 pets in them, does anyone know how I can clear them? I just want to clear the 2nd and 3rd slots so I … This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. How to remove or empty battle pet slots? - World of

This will create a team of three blank spots. Then just choose the team, and it will clear your active battle slots. The addon puts a bar on the right side of your pet journal with a list of pet teams you have made. Choose any three pets as a team, then go to the PetTeams bar, right-click a pet and select "Remove Pet".

Aug 28, 2014 · when I was leveling up my pet and it died and it told me that my pet slots was locked how do I unlock my pet slots? or did I lose my pet forever? Might be an easier way but go to a battlepet trainer and do the heal/resurrect all battle pets thing. Fixed it for me and got me my dead pet back. How to Win Pet Battles in World of Warcraft | LevelSkip

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WoW Battle Pets: Courageous Yon Pet Battle We have all the pet battle strategies you need to defeat all the tamers in World of Warcraft's fun pet battle system. All strategies are tested and are current as of patch 6.2! Quick and Easy Guides All of our guides and strategies are simple and easy to use. We won't bog you down with a lot of unnecessary information.

4.) Drag and drop the Training Pet frame into the final slot of the Battle Pet Slots' Configuration. 5.) Click Save to store the pet party. Note: This will save a Training Pet as the final pet in this pet party and not the pet itself. So, changing the Training Pet will automatically update all pet parties with the Training Pet. Source

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I don't see much use in this, but someone requested it. Step1: Make this a macro & put it on ur action bar Code: /click StaticPopup1Button1 ... Guide to WoW Pet Battles - WarcraftPets